Saul N. Miller, D.D.S.

6455 Frankford Avenue

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania19135

(215) 624 4564†††††


April 10, 2018


Dear Patients:

On April 30, 2018, I will be moving my office and merging with the practice of Dr. Joseph Breitman at 8021 B Castor Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19152.The office email address is and the new office phone number is 215 728 1696. (You may also contact me at wheelchair accessible office is conveniently located one block north of Rhawn St., and it has street parking, a free rear parking area and a bus stop right at the corner.

Dr. Breitman, an associate professor of prosthodontics at Templeís School of Dentistry, maintains the highest standards, and his commitment to excellence has been nationally recognized with the 2014 ACP Private Practice Award. He is among the finest and most qualified dentists in the area and has been recognized as a Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentist.

I certainly hope you will continue your dental care with us in Dr. Breitmanís office so that you can be assured of continuing the quality, care and integrity that is so important for your dental health. In addition to prosthodontics (crowns, partial dentures, complete dentures, implants, etc.), general dentistry and other dental specialty services are performed in this office. Also, I am delighted to inform you that Rita Zeitone, my assistant for more than 27 years, will also be joining Dr. Breitmanís excellent staff.

Both Rita and I, along with Dr. Breitman and his team, look forward to seeing you for your future dental care.

Thank you for your continued confidence.




Saul Miller, DDS


For Your Convenience

For your convenience calls to Dr. Millerís current office number, 215 624 4564, will be forwarded to Dr. Breitmanís office. This will continue for a limited period of time.



If you wish to select another provider, please contact Dr. Breitmanís office at 215 728 1696.

You may find the names of other dentists that you might wish to contact through the following:

1.      The Philadelphia County Dental Society

2.      Your dental insurance carrier

3.      Your union or HR dept.

Again, thank you for allowing us to care for you.

Dr. Breitmanís contact information:

Dr. Joseph Breitman

8021 B Castor Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19152

215 728 1696††††††